Does anyone else go through phases of acceptance and not being ok? I was diagnosed nearly 2 years ago and most days I get on with life as well as I can and joke about rattling with the amount of tablets I take. And yet I've been at my new job for a month and this is my 4th day off.

The first 3 were for a bug that knocked me sideways and now I just feel like shit because my next infusion isnt till next week and my body misses it. Suddenly I'm not so OK about having this disease. I'm in pain and my brain feels slow and foggy because fatigue is a bitch. The only good news is its not so bad that I'm running to the loo.

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You're not alone. Everyone has those feelings. Try your best to let yourself be vulnerable and reach out to people when you're in need. This is a great first step! Life is definitely a roller coaster. That just means it will get better!

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It sucks! Prayers for you marian!

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