Does anyone know of a collagen powder that doesn't have so much arginine in it? Ever since I started taking collagen powders, two different ones, I get outbreaks like every other week. They both have a really high Arginine to lysine ratio (825/300 mg or 1023/506 mg).

I guess I have to take a whole bunch of Lysine just to counteract it but would rather not, and I'm still not succeeding and figuring out the right amount anyway.

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Answered 8 months ago    reply

Collagen powder caused me issues recently. I had to stop. Collagen if pure will naturally have a higher Arginine to Lysine ratio. I so wanted to take as it has some good benefits. I also have other food triggers so collagen reminded me I can’t eat whatever I want

Answered 8 months ago    reply

Apart from l-lysince, I've had great results from another supplement called Monolaurin. Using the Natural Cure Labs brand daily (2,400mg, or 4 capsules), i've avoided outbreaks for months

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