Has anyone experienced a steep increase in migraines and chest pains when you use cpap? I’m in week 6, and have had some headaches worse than any I’ve ever had. Today it was pretty miserable, despite spending the day in an awesome workshop. It finally let up this evening for a couple of hours.

Now I have the mask on and the headache started as soon as the cpap started. Anyone had this?

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Answered 1 year ago    reply

Is your sleep apnea considered moderate or severe, Aletha?

Answered 1 year ago    reply

High end of moderate. AHI 25. Severe is 30+

Answered 1 year ago    reply

No, mine improved drastically.

Answered 1 year ago    reply

Yes. Despite improving AHI numbers I went through a painful phase of repetitive headaches. Maybe it was apnea-related or maybe from work stress. I don’t know.

Answered 1 year ago    reply

No better

Answered 1 year ago    reply

Please, if you have not already done so, contact your Doctor for further testing. I have not heard of these symptoms worsening after starting treatment.

Answered 1 year ago    reply

Ive had really bad headaches and found that increasing the humidity in my machine worked wonders!

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