Has anyone found that birth control CAUSES your migraines? I was on lo loestrin Fe for years and then started getting problems down there so I switched to taytulla and it was okay until I got my period and then started the most disgusting head pain I've ever had before and felt entirely fatigued.

I stayed on for two months to see if it went away and it didn't so I switched to nuvaring and had an allergic reaction right away so I just asked to put up with lo loestrins side effects hoping my body would feel normal again and it hasn't and my migraines with aura keep getting more and more intense. Anyone stopped birth control and felt any relief? Do I take this up with the neurologist or my gynecologist?

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I am 46, but when I was in my early 20s, I was getting migraines once a month. I was on the pill. Over time, I started getting them more often. I stopped taking birth control and they decreased to once or twice a year.

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Definitely. When I was on the pill it gave me even worse migraines (if possible)

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I found that using the brand name, vs. the generic, made a difference. So I made sure my prescription specifies Ortho-Novum with no substitutions. (The generic version, Dasetta, made me sick as a dog.)

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Yes, birth control made my migraines a lot worse

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Synthetic hormones give me horrible migraines.

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I’m currently on a high estrogen birth control because of topamax but looking into dropping all hormones with the IUD Paraguard. It’s just copper. So hopefully getting rid of all the hormones will make me feel a little better

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Mine were dormant for about four years and birth control brought them back with a vengeance, including paralysis.

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Yes, estrogen is especially known to make migraine+ aura worse and possibly increase stroke risk. Try progesterone only or copper IUD

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