Hello. Last night and this morning was not my best days as I feel like a pregnant lady. My stomach is sour and I have diarrhea with that being said I took my medications and I am still n/v and since I haven’t ate the good ol’ bile wants to show it’s ugly head.

Does anyone have suggestions on how to easy this beast!

4 Answers

Answered 1 year ago    reply

Have you tried taking a tums , sometimes for me it settles everything down

Answered 1 year ago    reply

Do always eat little and often, this is best for IBS and sour stomach. I use gaviscon when like this.

Answered 1 year ago    reply

My step mom gave me a suppository for phenagren and I was able to rest

Answered 1 year ago    reply

my one friernds doc told her to take tums at bedtime each night to help her sleep without stomach upset..i think i should try that too..forgot about that

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