Hi All! Let’s talk collagen. So, EDSers have a collagen malfunction, not less collagen from what I’ve learned. Correct? That said, would collagen supplements help us? Or, would “normal” collagen taken orally (etc) not bind to our defective collagen?

I’ve taken some for a couple years and the only difference I feel is stronger fingernails.

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Answered 9 months ago    reply

Collagen doesn't help us. It breaks down in our system and anything that boosts collagen production is still producing faulty collagen so it is useless.

Answered 9 months ago    reply

That’s what I wondered.

Answered 9 months ago    reply

I was wondering. In my family we do pretty well until out 40s/50s. That's about when the body stops replenishing collegen. I was wondering if ours was good enough but not for the long hair weekend there is no reinforcements.

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