Hi all! I have UC am I able to take iron supplements? I want to take a multi-vitamin (pre-pregnancy) and am a bit confused about iron. I have googled it but wondered if anyone here could give me some advice Thanks!

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I've never heard that we couldn't, in fact I think most of us need it. I've been taking iron supplements orally every day since my Dx. After my last hospitalization they switched me to iv iron infusion every 3 months.

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I agree with Pennie...most of us need it. I find i just dont absorb it well with oral suplements and it is super hard on my gut. I have had 4 iron infusions...they are wonderful. This is the longest my iron levels have been normal since i was very young.

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yes that's what I heard too. It's all very confusing, I don't want to take it as I'm scared of causing a flare but wondered if I was worrying for nothing. I'll have to get zinc, vitamin D and folic acid separately and see how that goes ! Thank you all for your advice! I am seeing my specialist in a few weeks so i'll ask her too!

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I was put on iron by my doctor... But she had me try the slow FE kind because it's supposed to be easier on your stomach.

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I keep taking the oral iron, which is very hard on the stomach and must be taken on a full stomach, with orange juice or vit C, both of which are also hard to take with IBD. Screw it-- I plan to try liquids, which I heard absorb better. I have been close to death a few times from extreme anemia, and passed out in the street.

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Iron is a tricky one... only take it if you were told that you need to. .If you eat red meat, liver wurst, and spinach then you should be fine. Of course, unless you are anemic or have malabsorption - but then your dr will tell you to take it. Too much iron can cause problems, so that is one supplement I stay away from unless told to take it. Good luck!

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My GI has me taking poly iron 150. It was making me nauseous. When he had me take Vit C with it that helped snd not nauseous.

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Take it only if you need to. I'm 8 months pregnant and started taking it now, didn't take it until now cause didn't need it.

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Iron during pregnancy gave me constipation which caused bleeding.
Ended up with iron infusion at 37 weeks instead.

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