Hi everybody! I need some help. I was diagnosed with pancolitis almost 2 weeks ago, and was released from the hospital a little more then a week ago. My doctor put me on Prednisone, Mesalamine, and Protonix (Pentoprazole). I'm also taking some supplements.

(Omega 3 and iron) But I'm taking them for me, the doctor didn't say I had to. I'm still bleeding sometimes, and I'm definitely still having diarrhea (Sorry, TMI!) Mostly going in the morning. I want to start over and go slowly from broths to regular foods to see what works and what doesn't, and I have been keeping a food diary. But that's just a little extra information. My main concern is maybe taking the supplements are slowing the process of my healing down. Does anybody take Omega 3 and iron and have problems with it? Thanks in advance!

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My doctor ordered me off my vitamins and supplements for now. He had told me it is better to let the inflammation heal before starting back on them. I noticed nearly immediate improvement with the steroid treatment but they started me on steroid IVs, then put me to 40mg oral. Dosing down and currently on 15 mgs. I also believe the mesalamine is helping, seems once I switched to Lialda versus the other one I started on (clear pill with four brown pills inside was the first version). I haven't had the blood in stool since I was in the hospital (10/20-10/26 stay), but I have had bouts of loose stool and still feel the pain of inflammation. Started remicade last week, going for week 2 infusion next week. I know we are all different, but be careful of some of the broths. I had a vegetable broth from the hospital that aggravated my flare - it was too seasoned.

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Will do! I'll lay off the supplements for a day or two to see if it has any effect. Thank you for the helpful input

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