Hi guys. Can you please give me any suggestions? I have a vision impaired child, he has almost everything for his needs right now. But I also have 70 y.o. Uncle overseas who is literally loosing all his sights, and pretty depressed about this.

I want to send him clothes and something he may be beneficial of. He doesn't speak English, doesn't read Braille, and electronic there have the different plugs. Any advises, what you like? Thank you!

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Answered 1 year ago    reply

That's a tough one. Do you know anyone in that country who can buy the gear for you? I'm thinking audiobooks.

Answered 1 year ago    reply

Have you checked with the lions club? I know here they can help with stove knobs and magnifiers, how to make computer font larger etc.

Libraries do audiobooks.

Answered 1 year ago    reply

He can't use magnifiers. Just received the answer from his son. I will check for the audio books.

Answered 1 year ago    reply

You get watches that tell you the time when you press the button. A little gadget you sit on side of mug and it beeps when full so you don't over fill with boiling water. There are loads of options

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