Hi to me my horrible hissing and humming sound comes in cycles and then it gets low and for no reason. Does anyone know if its possible to break this cycle and always keep it low and if if there really is a connection with diet.

I read cutting out salt, sugar and alcohol will reduce it but want to know if anyone knows this is true. My ringing is so bad I can only function if I stream crickets in my ear and am willing to sacrifice anything just to keep it low.

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I don't want to come off as sending negative at all so please understand that but I truly do think after nine years of T, I have accepted the fact that people just reach for whatever they think may or may not work or make it less and cut out sugar cut out alcohol or whatever but I think that really at the end of the day it simply is what it is. Mine doesn't get better or worse with anything and I truly have tried everything. At this point I've stopped chasing placebos and I'm just trying to learn how to cope. That's my two cents and I just think spending years trying to find something just may be a waste of time. It might just be time to find coping mechanisms instead.

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My tinnitus is similar to yours. Mine worsens at times, gets louder and softer, even changes sounds. Mine is at times tolerable and at times nerve wracking. My T also seems to cycle. I try to note possible triggers, such as salt, sugar, medications stress and so on. However, I'v learned that sometimes what appears to trigger my tinnitus one day might not the next. So, go figure! Some folks have well known triggers, which enables them to have a tad more control. I suppose eating a healthy diet and living a healthy life style is a good idea, for anybody with or with out T. Also , trying what works best for you as a individual is what I can suggest. It's not a easy disorder to figure out or deal with at times for sure, right?

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My Tinnitus goes in a cycle. A few days like fast hissing noise rather like a kettle giving off steam then a slow electrical noise like listening to a sea shell noise. I prefer the sea shell. Not sure why it cycles or what triggers it but feel it is linked to stress and anxiety.

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Mine is the same with similar cycles

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do you use ear buds for your streaming?

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I stream cricket or rain sound off my iPhone and iPad into my resound hearing aid which has a brute tooth function and it masks the sound

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It does seems to me that when I reduce caffeine, alcohol, sugar and salt, my T hissing is less. Wish me luck. Going to a Pedal Spin class tomorrow with ear plugs and noise cancellation

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