I am wondering about muscle pain and stiffness in sjogren's syndrome. I have dermatomyositis (DM), diagnosed Feb 2016. At that time labs for sjogren's syndrome-A and sjogren's syndrome-B were positive but rheumatologist never mentioned sjogren's syndrome.

I was having dry eye issues Spring 2017, and it was finally August 2017 that rheumy said I most likely have sjogren's syndrome. Looking back, I had some dry mouth and swollen (plugged) gland issues in 2013 that were probably sjogren's syndrome. I also had some issues with stiff fingers in the mornings. (That no longer happens.) Anyway, I think I've had sjogren's syndrome for awhile without official diagnosis. My main issue in the last 2 years has been muscle weakness from the DM. I do have mild dry eyes and feel like my parotid glands are clogged every morning. I massage the glands and a lot of saliva comes out. Other than that, I don't know which of my other symptoms are sjogren's syndrome vs DM. I am most curious about the effect of sjogren's syndrome on muscles. From a labs standpoint, rheumy says my DM is well controlled. But, I don't feel that way. I'm stiff. And my muscles are very tender. Is that a common sjogren's syndrome thing? I just don't know if these symptoms are from sjogren's syndrome, DM, or even something else. Thoughts?

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I was very stiff and achy . Changed my diet to reduce inflammatory foods and I’m feeling a lot better. Now I just got to make some room for exercise and I’ll be a whole new me in 2018

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It's common for me. But I also wonder if I've got other stuff going on. I've got 2 pre existing autoimmune diseases both of which are well controlled then the sjogren's syndrome came. It's by far been the most challenging to deal with as there is always something weird or new cropping up. Not sure if it's all Sjogrens manifestations or something different. But almost every morning I wake up feeling like I've been hit by a truck. During the week I just get up and go to work. I walk 4-5 hours for work and it helps. Weekends when I don't have anything I absolutely need to do I find is when the aches and pains are way more noticeable. I'm diabetic and celiac so my diet by nature is already anti inflammatory and healthy and I don't do a whole lot of processed foods.

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