I have a colonoscopy tomorrow at 3pm it is 11am now. I am already dizzy and I feel like not eating is going to make me pass out at some point. I had a baby almost 4 months ago and since then I have dizzy spells.

My GI says he wants to check for cancer so it is a serious thing for me to keep my appt, but if I keep almost passing out what do I even do? Seriously guys I think at some point today I will actually pass out and I am scared. Should I cancel and explain why then ask for an earlier appt time?

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You can have clear broth and Gatorade. Also Jello, as long as it's not red or purple. It's important not to get dehydrated.

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Do the clear chicken broth it has salt and then do some Gatorade with sugars and electrolytes as Alycia said it will help

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You should call either the facility or on call physician & speak with them.
If you are concerned of passing out due to low glucose levels, you can have clear liquids that will keep your glucose high enough to avoid fainting (Gatorade, popsicle, jello, ...nothing colored with reds, is always advised to me)
But if you are this uneasy, I certainly feel speaking to someone on-call (doctor, nurse practitioner) is warranted

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I just drank some broth I'll drink some Gatorade I didn't think of that.

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Actually. There's nothing in the Gatorade you buy at Walmart. Try Powerade instead.
Also you can drink the jello hot, or as it cools but before it's a solid. It's yummy and lots of sugar.

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