I look online to see my bill for cpap. I should have my supply bill and monthly bill. The supplies(nasal pillow, tube and filter. I ordered werent posted yet. Only my monthly bill for humidifer but not the machine.

The following day I call up and notice my supplies were bill but still no monthly machine fee. I call up and tell them I wasn't bill rental fee for my machine. Lady looks it up and says "oh its been paid off. Please give me a minute so I can take off the fee for the humidifer monthly fee." I tell her my acct should be billed for both. I let her know last month I was billed $64 instead of $7.88 monthly fee so there might be an error.I called the company and let them know the bill was wrong and they fic=xed it and re issued me another bill for the correct amount of $7.88. She double checks and says ther's no fee. It has been convereted(something like that) and that the insurance has paid it off and the machine is now mine. I only have to pay for the supplies. I tell her my plan was for 13-15 months and its only been 5 months. She says well its been paid off and theres no balance. Its shows insurance paid it off and your own your machine. I've used my machine everyday except for two nights. Has anyone ever had insurance pay off machine before the contract time?

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Sounds like a good problem to have! I hope mine pays it off early!

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