I was diagnosed with IBS over 10 years ago - had a colonoscopy done today with four polyps removed need to return for another colonoscopy in three years that is fine -- mentioned to the dr that I often have trouble reaching the bathroom when I have a need to void with diarrhea his answer was take some imodium but I already take imodium when I have flare ups - on another note I do have hemorroids which the dr did not want to address - does all of this make any sense?

What can I do to help myselff?  feeling embarrassed most of the time : (

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It is why I never go to a doctor. I take Imodium once a day and 3 Metamucil capsules twice a day. I have done this for 35 years. As far as hemorrhoids, that might be a trip to a different doctor. I use Prep H, from time to time.

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Definitely try to work out your triggers. Start a food diary going to try to pinpoint the foods that cause the diarrhoea. Or you could try the low FODMAP diet if you have not done so already. Doctors find suggesting the imodium as an easy option unfortunately. If stress is the reason then do look into mindfulness courses x

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When my gastro told me to just take an Imodium everyday I found a new doctor. I guess you need to find a doctor that will work with you and try different things

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My doc gave me codeine phosphate as immodium never worked for me. I don't take it all the time just when I am really bad or need to go out. Ask for more help from your doctor you shouldn't have to suffer x

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Get a new doctor...you have to talk to doctors till one actually listens. Blessings to you!

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Try butyrate. Check out what people say about it on amazon

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