I'm noticing a lot of hair loss lately I actually didn't have issues with it until recently. How do you know if hair loss is from hypothyroidism, the meds themselves or something else? My ferritin was at 27 the last time it was checked which I've been working to raise.

I don't take any other meds right now. I was pretty sick in late November with some sort of unexplained GI symptoms that landed me in the ER twice. I'm feeling better but noticing my hairline has some bald areas. Most recent labs: FT3: 3.11 (2.3-4.4) FT4: .84 (.61-1.4) TSH: 1.89 (.34-4.2) B12: 378 Ferritin: 27 Iron: 76 (27-159 TIBC: 322 (250-450) UIBC: 246 (131-425) Iron Saturation: 24% (15-55)

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Hard to say. It can be a combo of both but with ferritin that low that will be a major contributor.

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