I’m only on proair cause everything else is so expensive any suggestions? I really awful attacks

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You can try to carry on without the meds your doc prescribes for you but unfortunately your quality of life may suffer for it. The meds are to protect your lungs from irritants and they work most of the time until you get over stressed, get around things that trigger your asthma, catch a cold. I’m religious about taking all my medications and yet I had the worst asthma attack of my life yesterday and lie here crying in bed due to be awoken with another asthma experience breathing on my nebulizer. I wish there was a magic panacea but I’ve not found it for my adult onset asthma. If you discuss this with your asthma professional they can help you with affordable medications. Please don’t give up the proair is good. It you needs meds to help you control your asthma too.

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