Is it possible to test high in ketones and high in insulin at the same time? After 6 months or so on the LCHF diet do you still test positive for ketones? I can not seem to raise my ketone level. Even had the stomach glue for two days and ate nothing. Ketones barely registered.

I'm not doing anything different. Feel like I'm in ketosis. Not hungry. What gives?

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First question: it's not likely to have ketones while insulin is high. More accurately, it's not likely you'll make ketones while insulin is high. High insulin levels stop fat from burning. However, if testing ketones in urine it could be possible. The urine builds up over time and ketones may have been spilled while insulin levels were lower. Could be likely in early morning. Ketones spill while insulin levels are low while sleeping. Upon waking the body releases glucagon and insulin. There would be ketones in the urine while insulin levels are elevated but not being produced.

Measuring Ketones in urine or lack thereof is not a good indicator of ketosis. Any indication of ketones means you were in ketosis at some point. However, A person that is fully Alix adapted might not spill any ketones into the urine. A better test would be for blood ketones. More expensive and not worth it.

If a person burns over 1000 Calories per day and consumes less than 1000 Calories in Carbs and Protein and isn't losing muscle mass then by default they are very likely to be burning fat.

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Medicare and many insurance carriers will supply ketone, as well as glucose, testing supplies with a doctor's order. (They won't advertise this fact, of course.)

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Thanks for your answer. Stomach flu not glue. Ugh

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