Is there a standard amount of suppression meds to be on during pregnancy? They have me on 1 gram of valacyclovir and I'm struggling to remember to take it twice a day. Anyone just take 500mg? Do you typically take a higher dose during pregnancy?

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Answered 1 month ago    reply

Set an alarm on your phone? I also just have it sitting in my bathroom counter so it see it in the morning and take it when I get up.

Answered 1 month ago    reply

Talk to your Dr about dosage while pregnant.

Answered 1 month ago    reply

Yeah, I will when I go in next week.

Answered 1 month ago    reply

Currently in my last trimester and I take acyclovir 400mg 3 times a day.

Answered 1 month ago    reply

They took me completely off until about three weeks before my due date. Plus I would ask to be in the once daily I can barely do that let alone twice

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