I've seen a few reports of teeth problems causing or worsening tinnitus. Has anyone ever had their teeth pulled or fixed and their tinnitus gone away or lessened? I have had impacted wisdom teeth for years along with off and on tooth abscess for one of my teeth that broke years ago.

This would be amazing if it were true! Wishful thinking

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I had 2 molars out 2 weeks ago as had abscesses under them and have TMJ but I still have the tinnitus.

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Mine started after wisdom teeth removal. Has not faded yet.

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Me too katy.

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hmm my wisdom teeth never came out.

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Mine started after a dentist appointment the next day that was in 2007 never stopped peaks only when tired or stressed best medicine I found was to make sure I get enough sleep and laughter' is the best medicine ever..watch a comedy and you'll see ..

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Well darn :( I was hoping someone's T had improved a little. I've had T for as long as I can remember and it is steadily getting worse, I was wondering if my dental problems were causing it but who knows. I still plan to get my wisdom teeth out and repair/remove the broken ones, at least i won't have infections anyway..hopefully it doesn't get worse with dental work :( Thank you for sharing your experiences!

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ya, like being punched in the jaw

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