My asthma flared up bad ironically after a steroid burst (for my Ms). This was about 3 weeks ago now and I️ have been using Qvar morning and night since. Today I️ began advair and am hoping it will provide me more relief. This is the second time today I️ will be using my rescue inhaler.

Ive been coughing a lot more since and been producing a ton of phlegm. I️m always so conflicted before I️ use it though. I️ don’t wheeze, ever.I️ just feel like I️ can’t take a complete breath, heaviness in my chest and occasional tightness and shortness of breath. Even eating sometimes makes me feel short of breath. I️ guess I️m just frustrated. I️ really only deal with asthma if I️ get very sick, but this year I️ guess the extra cold winter is hitting me. : / the last time I️ felt this shitty it was bronchitis, but idk. Dealing with this makes me question how I️ feel constantly. I️ don’t know how some of you have dealt for years : ( my heart goes out. Anyone have positive things to say about advair? How long is normal on it? I️m hoping I️ feel relief soon as I️ am so sick of feeling anxious constantly that I️ can’t breathe and the tears that come with it : (

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Sounds like you may have a cold or sinus infection. Back to the doctor to get checked. Sinus infection gunk can go down the back of your throat, make wheezy sounds, and irritate the he k our of your throat and upper bronchials.

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Thanks! This makes sense, since typically my asthma flared during a cold. I️ just don’t have any other symptoms other than breathing troubles, but I️ guess it can’t hurt to see my doc again :)

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I like using benadryl for sinus congestion and drainage and the yucky mucus that I get in my throat. It has worked wonders for me, clears it right up.

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