OK, so in general my sjogren's syndrome symptoms are currently manageable. Except that my tongue is still swollen! It has only been a "little" swollen for the past few months and the drs have unanimously shrugged it off. Last night though it swelled up again- to the painful levels.

Anyone have this happen? Even if I think my symptoms are under control (I don't feel dehydrated- taking eye drops and pilocarpine regularly) is it a pre-cursor to a flare (this is actually what led to my diagnosis)?

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Answered 10 months ago    reply

I was on pilocarpine when first diagnosed. I developed a rash- allergy can’t take it or any other drug for sjogren's syndrome

Answered 10 months ago    reply

One classic sign of amyloidosis please get your light chain blood tested!

Answered 10 months ago    reply

I hope you get answers soon!*hugs*

Answered 10 months ago    reply

There’s no set flare symptoms. Each person is different. When I am in a flare my arms are heavy and I feel like I am trying to move thru cement. And total exhaustion even more than usual.

Answered 10 months ago    reply

I describe my flares as being made of lead and walking through treacle!

Answered 10 months ago    reply

Docs all shrugged mine off too.

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