Question. Periodically, my knee gets swollen and really hurts for days. My rheumatologist says Sjogren’s doesn’t typically affect the knees, and has sent me for x-rays. Is this true?

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Visit, the Sjogrens Foundations website. You will find good info there.

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My rheumatologist told me the same thing but most of my joint pain is in my knees and hips.

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My knees kill me but i have lupus also so idn if it comes from the Sjorgens or lupus or both

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I don't know what to say as I have been suffering occasionally of knees and hips joints pain and more frequently upper limbs pain and the more likely causes of this are pre-menopause hormonal imbalances and neuropathy. I had a rheumatologist saying I might have fybromialgia and required me lot of x-rays that led to nothing but a waste of time and public money especially because I clearly said I enjoy deep tissue massages and I do not have general pain, I do not suffer from fatigue but very occasionally.... whereas I frequently have mild muscular pain that goes away with physical exercise and I have suffered from specific joints and muscular pain that various physiotherapists have found through observation and ultrasound scans depending on neuropathy.... plus being seropositive to sjogren's syndrome it may ring a bell... no way. It seems that if a rheumatologist is convinced that you have fybromialgia you have it even if it is not true! there is nothing else to do than change doctor, go ask a second opinion by another rheumatologist

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I have knee pain a fair amount, but I also have arthritis and lupus in addition to Sjogrens so I’m not always sure of the cause. However, I recently had more intense pain and swelling in one knee that felt different. Turns out I have a torn meniscus!

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