Refresher. Total thyroidectomy was 6/2/2017 with neck dissection and 21 nodes removed. RAI was administered on 8/30. I am also positive for Hashimoto’s. I have been on antibiotics 4 times this fall for upper respiratory sinus infections, 3/4 times were just in the past two months.

Last night they prescribed Levaquin and said that was the strongest they could give me at the primary care level. If this doesn’t kick the infection I will need a referral to immunology. Has anyone else struggled this much? Is it likely that I’m just struggling from the disruption to my lymph system or picked up a second autoimmune disorder?

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Make sure they check your free t3 and try getting on t3 meds to get your t3 in optimal ranges. I got infections so often before I got on t3 meds. In fact, I think I had hashimoto's/hypothyroidism for years before diagnosis. I got infection after infection. Every time I had a virus, I worried...because so often they turned into sinus infections and ear infections. Not a single infection/antibiotic for me in the 2 yrs since I've had t3 meds and my levels in the top half of the range!

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Be very careful on the Levaquin. Watch your tendons even after you are finished taking it. It does work well though.

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