So I'm at work and there was this woman who was really rude to me earlier. And the only way I can describe the feeling is that all the happiness is sucked out of me when this happened and anxiety takes over. Like dementors in the Harry Potter books.

Before surgery this is where I'd start eating bad stuff for me like chocolate. Now I'm not sure what to do. I still want the familiar eating way out but I can't. So now I'm just sitting at work feeling anxious and alone and not sure what to do. Any ideas?

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Instead of eating I now will do housework, walk, or anything to get moving around. I find that working off the anxiety, anger, or whatever I am feeling that's bothering me really helps.

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Realize that how people treat you is a reflection of THEM...tell them 'sorry you're having a bad day' and walk away. Your journey is too precious to let sad people ruin it. Carry on Beautiful

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What hillary said.

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Let go and let god..

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Yes — what hillary says. And move.

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I'll try and take that advice. Luckily I have no access to chocolate while at work. And I'm gonna hit the gym after work and work out some of the stress

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I changed my attitude and lifestyle after surgery.. I am a strong woman and don't need food for comfort.. suck it up, paste a smile on and keep it moving, her dumb ass isn't going to make you mess up a good thing.. your at work? Do you have a gym? Take 5 minutes and run/walk.. if not go for a walk around parking lot.. no one can affect your emotions unless you allow it.. this is what goes thru my head anytime I have doubt or anxiety related issues.. it really works! Don't get sad, get mad! don't beat her up or anything! Lol.. just thought I would throw that last part in there!

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Take 10 slow deep breaths.

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