Those of you who take cbd oil to ease your tinnitus please let me know how long it took to see if it quieted or not thanks!

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I have tried it for 3 days, I thought it made it louder, I'm not really sure, considering to try it again

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Please let us know how it works if you do try again. Thanks

Answered 1 year ago    reply

I don't think it will directly affect your t. I believe it's more to calm you down, which in turn helps you cope

Answered 1 year ago    reply

i went through my first bottle . I think it did calm things down a bit. Since i ran out it has been screaming, hopefully when shipment comes in, will help

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I take CBD regularly now and find it to be really helpful. Though it doesn't affect tinnitus directly for me. It is, however, AMAZING at relieving anxiety, stress, and panic, which are all tinnitus triggers. So indirectly, I find it helps with tinnitus and promotes a state similar to habituation, where it just doesn't bother you as much. But I don't think it directly reduces the volume.

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What is CBD?

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