Warning, bathroom talk ahead: (disclaimer: call in to my doctor at the moment.) Several years ago I was evaluated for what was later determined to be IBS-C.

The main symptom was that I had a popping sensation where my transverse and decending colons meet (upper left quadrant) every time I had a bowel movement. They tried and failed a colonoscopy because I woke up in pain when they hit that spot, but the doctor claimed what he could see looked "fine." Well, now I have pain in the same location rather than a benign pop. This is despite having very much controlled my constipation (thank you probiotics! ) No need to tell me to contact my doctor. I am doing that. Just curious if anyone else has experienced anything like this?

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I like Phillip's Colon Health, but different people have different starting points with bacterial flora, so some might do better on other brands. It is very individual.

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Cecily I can't remember which one I was on off hand, I could look it up lol, but it was on sale at costco and had some good reviews. I think I notice the benefit more coming off of it than going on if that makes sense.

And I feel like probiotics are one of those things that might be helpful to rotate here and there, so I'm open to trying something different! I'll look up the Phillip's Colon Health.

I very briefly was on one from NOW when my doctor first suggested the probiotics. My gut was such a mess at that point though, it's hard to know what's what. And I'm on Creon now which made a HUGE improvement for me. That's one of the reason I let my probiotics lapse because I wanted to see if there would be a difference, and there definitely is.

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I never thought much of it, but I get that popping too! It's not every time and it doesn't cause pain, but I've gotten it for years. I thought it was just a tendon moving or a joint popping somewhere near there from bearing down, which it could be for me. Mine is lower than where you describe yours.

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