Ulcerative Colitis

Well, I have been symptom free or maybe should say blood free for 4 months, ever since I started eating a low fiber diet and taking mesalamine until today. I have been to bathroom numerous times today and saw quite a lot of blood one time. Is this what happens to some of you?

I was just diagnosed about 5 months ago. I had been seeing a little blood that got to be a lot more blood during 6 months until I knew U need to see a gastroenterologist.

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Answered Jan 9, 2018    reply

Yea I will bleed for no reason, goes in cycles with the runs and constipation. It's so annoying at 63 buying pads again. But it is what it is!

Answered Jan 9, 2018    reply

Any idea what triggered it?

Answered Jan 9, 2018    reply

I have always had acid reflux. Dr. said that was eventual that it would find its way to my bowels.

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