Woke up at 1am last night with a migraine and throwing up. I've had nights like this for over 10 years. I was hoping the cpap machine would make it so I didn't have nights like this anymore. Does anyone else on here get migraines and vomiting due to sleep apnea?

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My vomiting comes from High Blood Pressure from SA or the GERDS

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I don't know if my migraines are because of sleep apnea, my sleep doctor doesn't think it is. And I haven't tested it out myself since I don't have my CPAP yet. But I get terrible migraines and I feel your pain. So I just wanted to send good thoughts your way and remind you that you aren't alone.

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I had migraines every day pre-CPAP due to CO2 build up in brain from lack of O2,,a lot better now unless I get on my back & snore cas the airway still closes on my back,,I started terrible stomach issues after starting CPAP due to air in stomach,,Relieved by having head of bed inclined,,learned to get out of recliner & sleep with an incline head of bed raised,,those wedge pillows are nice,,,once I started CPAP eyes, dry mouth, stomach issues started,,,so it was a matter of what/how to make this work,,I know it’s a lot of extra things for comfort,,Good Luck

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Anxiety and headaches. Sometimes nausea in the mornings. This has all been reduced by CPAP use.

It took several months of experimenting with different masks and pressure to find the right combination. Don't give up.

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