Woman's question after total thyroidectomy in August and RAI in September for Papillary cancer. Can it mess with your cycles? I know I am premenopausal at age44, but for over 4 months it was 23-25 days apart, this cyle, I am past day 32 and waiting.

Just curious if this is my new "normal" and partly related to the total thyroidectomy.

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Answered 1 year ago    reply

I've read RAI can mess w/ your cycle even stop it. I had no such luck. Im 40 had 150 mci in August and mine comes every 28 days like clockwork.

Answered 1 year ago    reply

I had the exact opposite situation - never had regular periods until the total thyroidectomy and rai then every 28 days until menopause.

Answered 1 year ago    reply

It’s going to be a weird roller coaster ride. SO irregular.

Answered 1 year ago    reply

Thank you ladies. This is weird for me.

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